Eaqlia Fitness

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Fitness Day & Time: Friday - 7:00pm
Conducted By: Instructor Selfira


If you think you're not the yoga type, think again. Just about anyone can do it, and it's not about bending yourself into a pretzel.
In a gym, you're really pushing yourself to go further when you're working out. In yoga, it's the opposite. The poses encourage all the range of motion that the body is designed to do
Many long-term practitioners of yoga find that they have lost fat while gaining muscle - a key goal of any exercise plan. Yoga enthusiasts also point to improvements in their moods and their outlook on life.
Whether you are new to yoga or just looking for a new and exciting challenge, signing up for Vinyasa Flow yoga can be a smart move.
In Vinyasa Flow yoga, we learn to synchronize our exercise movements with the breathing. This focus on breathing helps develop superior body control while fostering a better connection between mind and body.


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