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Benefits of Baby Massage & Water Therapy

    • Enhance Baby's brain growth, emotional well-being and physical development
    • Movement through water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems
    • As the baby starts kicking his/her legs in the water, they start to improve their balance, coordination and ultimately they will learn to support their ability to crawl, walk and swim!
    • It's also a great workout for the baby! The water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity which provides the baby a complete physical work-out + strengthening the baby's heart + lungs.
    • Baby are not able to tell us on the discomfort or pain they are going through, therefore Massage + Water Therapy will help in reducing discomfort/pain caused by gas, colic, bloating and even constipation.
    • It will also help in reducing muscular tension, growing pains, teething discomfort and cramping.
    • The massage itself will help to stimulate the baby's central nervous system.
    • Soothe your baby and help them to sleep much better!

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