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Fitness Day & Time: Tuesday, 8:15pm
Conducted By: Elite Instructor Sal

Description: Salsation™ is a Dance Workout that convert functional training protocols into innovating dance moves.
The word “Salsation™” has been taken from (Salsa & Sensation).
SALSA: not from the rhythm / musical gender but from the spanish word “SALSA” that actually means “sauce”, because it is a spicy mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols.
SENSATION: the program has a strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression as well as on how the human body function.
Why Salsation™?
The difference between other workout programs, is that Salsation is carefully design to integrate functional body movements into all the dance routines working out in a 3D fashion using all planes of motion Its not only easy and fun but you can do it for life improving your mobility and stamina no matter your age.

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