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Most labouring women need encouragment and companionship more than they need drugs and medical interventions as such in this childbirth preparation workshop, first time expectant mums and mums who've had multiple pregnancies will benefit from the new knowledge and effective tips sharing from Doula Fauziah Abbas followed with a bellypaint by Nura Ahmad - our collaborative partner cum in-house prenatal yoga instructor who advocately championed women in @fitness4muslimah's community towards self-love empowerment and healthy lifestyle through Yoga and holistic measures!

If you're looking to get the birth of your choice, hear from Doula Fauziah and Yogini Nura in choosing the right direction for a smooth pregnancy and ease in labour through these effective tips that will be covered whilst having fun with bellypainting!

1. What went wrong with birth today

- How birth choices affect the outcome
- Choosing correct health providers
- Choosing a supportive birthing environment
- Communicating your preferences through birthplan

2. How do you prepare for birth

- Physically
- Nutrition (Things to keep in mind at different trimester)
- Exercise (Breathing techniques and exercises precautions)
- Emotionally and Mentally

3. Role of birth companion

4. Hypnobirthing as birthing choice in preparing the mentality for labour

- Hypnosis techniques
- Benefits of hypnobirthing
- Benefits for baby and dad

Register $45/pax or grab your BFF and enjoy $80/pair right now as,

Registered expectant mums will be blessed with complimentary decorative bellyhenna art by reowned henna artists (Eshennafix, Zubhahenna and Theanaart) and homemade organic Young Living balms and oils for yourself and expectant babies that can be used for common baby illness such as fever, cough, flu, teething, rashes and etc by holistic practitioner-mumpreneurs (Hanan Inara by Nina Chua and Aafiya Essentials Balms by Sriyati) and plenty more goodies and refreshments to enjoy at our exclusive expectant mums workshop!

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