Healing Kitchen – Let’s Get Juiced!

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Healing Kitchen – Let’s Get Juiced!

Healing Kitchen – Let’s Get Juiced!

Are YOU:

- Looking for ways to stay healthy
- Lack of energy
- Struggling with weight issue, skin problems and illness?

Then, this workshop is for you! Discover how juicing can benefits your health, wellbeing & waistline.

On this workshop YOU will:

- Learn the principles behind juicing and the Do's and Dont's
- Make HEALING juices for yourself and your loved ones
- Watch juicing demonstration

PLUS YOU will discover how to:

- Cleanse & detox your body the natural way
- Eliminates cravings for junk food
- Achieve & maintain weight loss naturally
- Nourish your body and boost your health

Bio of the Speaker:

Sister/Miss Zahra Chloe Hoo is a Chinese Muslim whom has embraced Islam in 2004 at Darul Arqam, Singapore. A believer in natural healing and non-toxic lifestyle, she learnt about Prophetic Medicine from Dr Aidan Salih whom is an Ukrainan female convert based in Turkey.

As a food and lifestyle educator; she practices hijama (cupping); conduct one to one consultation and talk/workshop on food, natural living and healing from the Sunnah of the Prophet.


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