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Date: Sunday, 16 December 2018
Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00PM

Location: The Eaqlia Studio - Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5 #04-119

A collaboration specially organized by Nawwarah Bridal along with The Eaqlia Studio!

Are you a Bride-To-Be feeling, experiencing or in need of...

  • Low energy and tired
  • Anxious on what to expect for your big day
  • Professional help from experts on ways to take care of yourself better before the big day
  • Relieve tension from wedding prep and soothe your body from head to toe
  •  Guidance on your facial features that you should enhance for your wedding day make up
  • Daily workout you could/should/must do to fit into that wedding dream dress!

Want to eliminate toxins, improve the digestive system, boost the immune system and achieve clarity of thought and peace of mind? The foundation of this half day’s experience is formed by three primary senses; smell, sound and touch by holistic programs. We use the bespoke techniques of yoga cleanse to help your body detox in a safe, controlled manner, combined with low intensity training, rejuvenating facial therapies and personalized wellness activities.

Make the choice to be supported in creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle. At the end of this therapy you can expect to cleanse out your toxins, feel more energized, lower cortisol levels, help stabilize blood sugar levels, lower your blood pressure, improve your range of mobility, increase muscle strength, feel lighter and breath with a deeper sense of calm and balance. With our guidance you will be ready and able to take on new lifestyle choices with transformational long term results for you 

The beautiful cleansing and rejuvenating treatments will bring your mind into relaxed focus so this experience will be enjoyable and you’ll feel revitalised in no time! 

What you can expect to discover in the Exclusive program for our Brides?

  • 1x Workshop on Tips & Tricks as a Bride-To-Be
  • 1x Love Flow Yoga / Fitness and Bride in Bloom
  • 1x Rejuvenating Facial Treatment
  • 1x Personal Consultation for Make Up to enhance personal facial features
  • 1x Detoxifying Foot Soak Experience
  • 1x Detox Juices, Herbal Teas, Infused Water, Fruit Platter and Healthy Delectable Refreshments
  • Advice on herbal formulations for Detoxification, Food as Medicine & Dietary guidelines
  • An emotionally supportive environment and a safe space to discuss any challenges or problems as a Bride!




Private Sharing Workshop with Founder of Nawwarah Bridal

Learn tips & tricks on how, what, why, when and what you need to prepare as a Bride-To-Be, which sometimes you make overlook as you have to many things on your plate! Get personal and close with our Founder of Nawwarah Bridal, Natasha Ashikin on the right silhouette for your body shape, facial features you should enhance, importance of test make up + so much more beneficial takeaways that could make you feel more calm as you are not alone in this as you have a group of other brides who are going through the same process as you! 

Mindfulness guided Relaxation

Provides a chance to calm your mind and take time to focus on your own self. Your certified instructor will guide you through a relaxing technique, allowing your mind and body to relax. You will leave the relaxing session feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself. 

Love Flow Yoga

Fitness and the Bride in bloom cultivate your mind & body connection for the big day! A wedding is a great opportunity to reach new fitness goals. Relieve your tension of wedding prep and soothe your body from the head to toes with Love Yoga Flow. Defined muscles, increased flexibility and reduced stress.

1. Learn how to set fifteen minutes aside daily to feel more energize and fit for the big day

2. Use the power of mental visualization to manifest the Wedding of your dreams

3. Ground yourself emotionally so you have the tools to stay calm and collected throughout your Wedding preparations

Open your heart to welcome new beginnings with mindful breath and self love!

Cleansing Foot Treatment

Feet are soaked in organic salt water, gently exfoliated, and wrapped in a detoxifying water. Your feet will be left feeling silky, smooth and energised.

Essential Facial

This mini facial will refresh and revitalise tired skin with a double cleansing followed by a hydrating facial. Great for those looking for fantastic skin but with limited time. We hardly have time or even remember to take care of our skin till the very last minute especially so when our skin and face is one of our main goal for our big day. All brides need and want to look their best, flawless + glowing dewy finish! Therefore, you need to find the time and put in effort to it as it doesn't come by just like that!

This cleanses combines the very best environments for a successful and meaningful cleanse.

For half day, you will create powerful life transformation in the comfort of our studio, where we gather for yoga, guidance, encouragement, and fun creative activities. It’s the best of both worlds to rock your world!

Why do we need to cleanse? 

We need to cleanse because the wear and tear of a busy life affects our digestion and creates toxins in our body and mind.  These toxins accumulate in the tissues and channels causing problems like bloating, gas, pain, joint pains, headache, fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, weight problems, skin problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure … etc, etc.  To return to well being the toxins need to be removed and digestion restored to balance.

 Only Half Day? 

You may wonder if that's enough time to create ‘Cleanse & Rejuvenate” changes in your body and life. Little self-care therapies done with great awareness and sweet appreciation for yourself care powerful!

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