About Eaqlia

The Eaqlia, (pronounced as Arc-lia and also known as Mind in Arabic) Studio established on 2016, March 1st was created as a platform for the ladies community to get slim without the gym. It was named, Eaqlia (Mind) as we believe that fitness is not all about the physical but mental as well. This means encouraging people to focus on key health behaviours such as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits and reducing stress. We offer quality fitness training for everyone. Our exercise intensity varies depending on the participants' fitness level. 

The Eaqlia Studio - Fitness aims to create a more comfortable and conducive setting for our participants and clients when they workout. We are also working with other certified instructor and trainer to fulfil your needs.

Putting fitness aside, The Eaqlia Studio aspires to open the space for other sisters to gain/share knowledge or even build sisterhood among one another. Be it through workshops, flea market and so forth.

And, that was how The Eaqlia Studio - Props Avenue was created. Girls' Hangout @ The Studio was to open the space for girls' to hangout. Celebrating a special girl birthday/bachelorette/spa parties or even baby shower. In conclusion, this space is for all of you, ladies. Be it keeping fit, strengthen the sisterhood or even pampering your skin with The Eaqlia Studio - Beauty through specialised facial treatment we have created for our ladies to rejuvenate and feel spoilt! 


"Every day brings new choices, therefore fill your mind (Eaqlia) with positive thoughts"